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The so-called „GREEN ROOF" as a building structure, has gradually - over time - become one of the building phenomena across Europe, including the Czech Republic. The rich experience that all theoretical research and practical installations, whether trial or permanent bring, actually deepens the conviction that the green roof is a product with enormous prospects and maximum potential. These positive experiences come from a number of countries, or from a number of specific locations.

  • Hungary has been successfully trying to return the vegetation of the original Hungarian steppe to the sunny dry areas through green roofs.
  • Switzerland has been successfully trying to return the original Alpine flowers including, for example, very rare orchids to the populated Alpine foothills through green roofs.
  • In Iceland, green roofs have actually been quite common for centuries; an indispensable part of standard architecture.  

In general, specific knowledge from other countries is positive and applicable elsewhere in Central Europe in all respects. On the other hand, there are a lot of prospects for improvement, respectively for „localization" in the territory of the Czech Republic, taking into account the local sources of materials, substrates or indigenous plant species, which have logically been neglected in other countries.

The main criteria for the development of AQUADESK material are the following:

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    THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE UTILITY VALUE (cost / performance ratio)

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RETEX, a.s. along with the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Brno University of Technology, has been trying to create the most attractive and precisely tailored solution for the specific conditions of the Czech Republic and the Central European region through the currently developed AQUADESK material. Our common goal is to work with local or regional resources for both manufacturing and application.

The material developed by us reflects the requirements of the European programs for the development of the cultural landscape of „Smart Cities „, which highlight, among other things, the importance of water management. It is obvious that the value of water as a commodity will grow in the future and also the water related tax burden (e.g. water, sewage, environmental tax for drainage water) will increase. Due to its hydro accumulation properties, the AQUADESK material is definitely a „part of the preparation" for this condition. 

We work with the real properties and physical behaviour of the roof as a whole throughout its useful life. We try to take into account all long-term degradation effects and use our findings in the context of the entire roof ecosystem. 
The AQUADESK material is the green roof concept of the „new generation". The green roof developed by us is focused on the modern customer, who is not indifferent to where and how he/she lives. The concept developed jointly by RETEX, a.s. and the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Brno University of Technology combines simplicity, physical resilience, aesthetics, price effectiveness and, of course, environmental friendliness.



A green roof using the hydroaccumulation plate AQUADESK is a step into the future.